A work in progress in solidarity with Occupy Wall Street

At the train Station, the wealthy are fleeing Paris with as much money as they can lay their hands on. Jean is trying to stop his friend Phillipe, a baker who is out of work from leaving too. Jean tells him the Commune has declared employees have the right to take over and run an enterprise if is deserted by it's owner, so Phillipe can just take over the Bakery where he used to work. Phillipe just doesn’t get it. Is it right to let the 1% grab all their money and get out? Does it really belong to them? After all many got rich by paying miserable wages.

Cast: Pietro Gonzalez, Joanie Zosike, Carlo Fiorletta, Sean Shannon, Nanda Abella, Tony Lewis , Julie Delaurier, Reka Polonyi, Cecilia Lynn-Jacobs
Crew: Zoe Beloff, Nira Burstein, Donald Kelly, Erika Munro, Eric Muzzy
Musician: Bob Goldberg
Find out more at daysofthecommune.com

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