Materials: wooden podium, camera obscura, directional speaker
Performance duration - 4 hours
Video Duration - 01:17 min
The Netherlands

A commuting audience in The Hague's Central Station was invited to step onto a large wooden podium and discover something magical in an ordinary item: a matchbox. When peeking into the box the audience becomes a voyeur as they witness the intimate space of a miniature elderly couple sleeping inside. The couple was located in a full sized bed under the stage and out of sight.
Overall there is something discreet and forlorn about this encounter, it is a little memorial to things failed to be noticed; objects tossed away and forgotten moments of intimacy.

Performers: Bart Boumans and Ruthy Aykens
Video registration: Przemek Siemion
Montage: Nir Nadler

Made possible with the help and support of: Central Station The Hague, Het Nutshuis, DasArts, Sol4

The Netherlands 2011

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