Packing & The Friendly Skies
Why Transporting Firearms May Be The Best Way To Safeguard Your Tech When You Fly

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Presented at CarolinaCon 2009

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Many of us attend cons and other events which involve the transportation of computers, photography equipment, or other expensive tech in our bags. If our destination if far-flung, often air travel is involved... this almost always means being separated from our luggage for extended periods of time and entrusting its care to a litany of individuals with questionable ethics and training.

After a particularly horrible episode of baggage pilferage and tool theft, I made the decision to never again fly with an unlocked bag. However, all "TSA compliant" locks tend to be rather awful and provide little to no real security. It was for this reason that I now choose to fly with firearms at all times. Federal law allows me (in fact, it REQUIRES me) to lock my luggage with proper padlocks and does not permit any airport staffer to open my bags once they have left my possession.

In this talk, I summarize the relevant laws and policies concerning travel with weapons. It's easier than you think, often adds little to no extra time to your schedule (indeed, it can EXPEDITE the check-in process sometimes), and is in my opinion the best way to prevent tampering and theft of bags during air travel.

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NOTE - The title of this talk is a direct reference and homage to Simple Nomad's "Hacking the Friendly Skies" presentation. If you've never seen Simple, by all means check him out at any con where he's on the schedule. He surpasses me greatly in both skill and sexiness. NMRC FTW!

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As a member of The Open Organization of Lockpickers, Deviant Ollam has given numerous physical security presentations and trainings at events around the world. In addition to coordinating the Lockpick Village at DEFCON, ShmooCon,HOPE, etc he speaks about locks, access controls, firearms, and security tactics at DefCon, Black Hat, ShmooCon, ToorCon, HackCon, HackInTheBox, LayerOne, Notacon, and has even had the honor of lecturing the cadets at the United States Military Academy at West Point. Deviant's favorite Amendments to the US Constitution are, in no particular order, the 1st, 2nd, 9th, & 10th.

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