Mofilm and AT&T had a contest for a commercial.
We energized. We entered. We did pretty well (2nd place)! We laughed, we loved, we learned. BTW i produced and co-wrote the thing. Full and well-deserved credits; thank you thank you:
Ryan Maples: Director
Dan Schmeltzer: Camera Boss (DP)
Troy Montgomery: Lighting King (Gaffer)
Alex Watson: Camera Op and All Things Other
Byron Tejada: Associate Producer, Sound
Hedy Wong: Associate Producer AND The Girl!
Harrison Lee: SFX
Dave Cohen: Post Production Sound
Will Nicol: The Guy!
Mark Planas: The Dad!
Grace Yang: The Mom!
Luo Zhijian: The Store Owner! (thank you to him and Chung Chou City in Monterey Park for use of the store)
Lorin Alond Ly: The Rickshaw Driver
Kevin Moon: The Monk
Ying Chang Song: The Musician
Sean Porter: Store Assistant
Other Cast in the street and all around: Xue Lian Lei, Rina Mizuno, Michelle Cho, Evie Abat, Ernest Wong, Ellen Yuen, Chris Li.

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