Film and editing by Victoria Taylor-Gore

Update: Tess Tyler (UK based composer) created the haunting new sound track for this short - many thanks to Tess for her beautiful work.
Music - "Trio - for Viola, Piano and Autoharp" by Tess Tyler (track used by permission)

This is part of a new project I'm working on, based on the story of Lucian (Latin based name that means "light") and his dream adventures. As usual, I keep working with symbolism the allows the viewer to come to his/her own conclusions about the story, but I plan to add more narrative to this project as well as other projects that emerge.

I liked the idea and look of silent film, and used a free and open source film grain to layer over the footage I shot with a Canon 7D and my IPhone 4. There are blended layers in Premiere Pro CS5.5 that give more depth and illusiveness to the images.

There was a bit of synchronicity involved in this video...the warm winter in Texas has brought swarms of miller moths that graciously posed for me :) They add a bit of mystery, symbolism, and flashing movement to the scenes. I like the idea of this chance occurrence making this work a richer experience.

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