we are one week closer to the launch of SMAPP. with that, here are some more details on what you can look forward to from your new best friend in filmmaking. SMAPP will have three core sections; filmmaking tools, tutorials, and reviews.

meet all the different parts of SMAPP

filmmaking tools // we asked ourselves, what tools would make it easier while in the field to pick the right lens, work with light, or even come up with creative ideas? we then took all of our experience teaching and used that as a foundation to create a set of tools that will make filmmaking easier and push you to tell stronger stories. one such tool will help you understand focal lengths better and let you share with SMAPP what you want from a shot and it will in turn suggest several effective focal lengths for you to use. but that's not all, we have several other tools that will be available with the launch of SMAPP, right away.

tutorials // SMAPP will launch with more than 30 brand new tutorials, all with a brand new look and comprehensive look at production, post, audio, storytelling, and lighting. several tutorials come free with SMAPP, and most are less than $5. we'll deconstruct a main feature from weddings, show you advanced lav mic techniques and how to hide them on anybody, we'll show you how to work with the Scarlet and C300, and we'll also have tons of beginner offerings such as getting proper exposure.

reviews // while we say reviews, this is so much more than that. with this we wanted to tackle much more than our thoughts on gear, we also wanted to paint a really detailed picture that suggests what a tool pairs well with, how important we feel it is, what kind of value it offer, and much more.

SMAPP will launch in April for only $2.99. our initial launch will be for the iPhone, with versions for Android and iPad following inside 2012.

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