Unlike Us #2: Understanding Social Media Monopolies and Their Alternatives
Session 6: Social Media Activism and the Critique of Liberation Technology

Eleanor Saitta (USA) - Networks and Nation States
Conference Day 2: March 10 2012 Amsterdam, 15.45 – 17.30

Moving from a centralized, institution-driven culture to a network structure would imply massive disruption even without the simultaneous failure of neoliberalized capital and onrushing climactic and resource catastrophe. As we understand of our current position, we must expect an unprecedented degree of societal disruption. The shape of that disruption is determined in part by the nature of institution to network transition. If we want to understand this disruption, we have to start here.

In this talk, we’re going to look at a couple of specific, concrete projects that point to that shape, namely the Constitutional Analysis Support Team and our work in conducting a threat model of the Icelandic constitution and the Sukey project in London, a crowd-sourced, distributed, real-time activist counterintelligence system. With these projects, we’ll paint a picture of the structures of institutional failure and reconstitution and what a hollow institution looks like in practice. We’ll close with discussion of the problems of institutional discretion and the jurisprudence of networks.


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