Caught up with the talented L/\ last week on the other side of the map, Brooklyn. After canceling our meet twice at short notice we finally got to link up after her return from SXSW. Our chemistry from the beginning via email and text was great, so I was actually low key excited to meet her.

The first time I saw L/\ perform was last year at a gallery in Newark, she was pass audacious with the mic. After her name was brought up in conversation with various acquaintances and friends on numerous occasions I decided that I definitely needed to check her out.

It didn’t surprise me that L/\ was Kanye fan, great artist are into great people and things. Her first mixtape “The Presentation” took inspiration from Kanye’s “The College Dropout” album and mostly consist of Kanye beats. The movie for “The Presentation” mixtape is what made me Yes. (Yeah I use interjections as verbs!) In May of last year she dropped her second mixtape “The L.A Riots” and is working on another project as you read.

L/\ puts her all into what she gives, it’s admirable. In just a year she has managed to create a promising mark for herself as a young NY artist. A Femcee. We had a pleasant engagement with L/\ and this is what we’re sharing with you.


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