OK, to be a successful wedding planner and consultant I believe that you need a mix of experience, attention to detail, organisational talents, enthusiam and raw energy. Now of course all these things are important in creating a fab wedding but most seem to forget one thing. FUN!

I'd like to think I'm at the perfect age....old enough to have the experience of planning hundreds of perfect wedding days, but young enough to still know how to actually enjoy them. Some of the 'older generation' of planners may have lost that years ago...?! ;)

This is me 'having some fun' while on a recent holiday in New Zealand. I even trumped 'the boys' at their own game of thrill seeking.... Sit back and have a wee laugh at me - the face of the real Scottish Wedding Consultants!

This was filmed and edited by my talented hubby that very night.... (he insists I mention that it was filmed on a little cheap Sony handicam, not his usual full compliment of professional equipment!)




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