TUIO2MIDI™ by Hush Studios, inc. ©2012

As part of the 2011 Esquire House HUSH developed software that enables the creation of sound and visuals via touch enabled devices. Simply put, any multitouch device is now an instrument.

A MIDI instrument for Abelton Live, TUIO2MIDI enables people to utilize any TUIO capable touch device as a musical instrument or control surface. Trigger any MIDI responsive system in the same manner as one would use traditional instrument. The ubiquitous, networkable and tactile nature of personal devices opens up a world of possibilities for artists and audience member participation. In conjunction with the very talented AmanAmun we have decided to release this software for free at

Grab the goods right here:

What is TUIO?
TUIO is an open framework that defines a common language for multitouch surfaces. This protocol encodes control data from a tracker application (e.g. based on computer vision) and sends it to any client application that is capable of decoding the protocol. Technically TUIO is based on Open Sound Control - an emerging standard for interactive environments not only limited to musical instrument control.

What is MIDI?
MIDI (Musical Instrument Digital Interface) is an established industry standard specification for encoding, storing, synchronizing, and transmitting the musical performance and control data of electronic musical instruments. MIDI is also widely used as a control mechanism for other systems, particularly in the DIY electronics scene.

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