A quick introduction to Microscopic Live Cinema-Theatre "The Nekaa Room: Dark Matter" by Sachiyo Takahashi.

This work examines the culture of "kawaii" ("cuteness"), which is rooted in contemporary Japanese society but has been expanding internationally.

Through her microscopic view, Sachiyo begins to explore an alternate side to the world of "kawaii".

Conception, creation, and live manipulation by Sachiyo Takahashi
Sound scores by Sachiyo Takahashi

"Dark Matter" is the eighth production of The Nekaa Room series and the first version of this work is premiered in 2011, and current version is premiered in 2012 in Vancouver, Canada.

Microscopic Live Cinema-Theatre is a unique projection performance designed by Sachiyo Takahashi. Performed for the audience in real-time, Microscopic Live Cinema-Theatre magnifies miniature worlds by capturing them with a video camera and projecting them onto a big screen. A tabletop in front of the audience serves as a stage where the performer manipulates small characters and props. Through the use of manual visual effects --- e.g., close-ups, focus, optical filters --- Sachiyo invites the audience to an intimate experience enhanced through the combination of cinematic presentation and live operation.

Sachiyo's first set of productions for Microscopic Live Cinema-Theatre is The Nekaa Room series. The imaginary world of The Nekaa Room is populated by figurines and plush toys, as a loose, fable-like narrative unfolds among abstract sound, visuals and subtitles --- but without spoken words.

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