Photobooth Expedition is an IndieGoGo Campaign running from March 28 to April 23, 2012.

Hello! I’m Meags Fitzgerald, I’m an artist, illustrator and a photobooth enthusiast in Halifax, Nova Scotia. Over the last nine years I’ve created many ongoing projects, collaborations, art pieces and animations using photobooth pictures.

Now I’m writing and illustrating a graphic novel (like a comic book) with my knowledge of photobooths. No other book like this has been made! It will be titled “Photobooth, A Biography”. In order to make this book there are two things I feel I need to experience.

First is the 2012 International Photobooth Convention in Venice, California, happening May 18-19. There I’ll meet other photobooth artists, enthusiasts and experts and I’ll collect their stories for the book.
Secondly, following the convention is a trip to Montreal to visit Auto Photo’s warehouse. Auto Photo is one of the only manufacturers of wet chemistry photo booths left in the world. There I will learn how the booths actually work and learn about the company’s history.

I’m seeking donations to help fund my research trips. Your support will go to costs including airfare, a week’s stay in a hostel, food, transportation in the cities, an audio recorder and to the expense of producing and mailing the perks.

Everyone who donates to the campaign gets thanked on my blog and can choose from a variety of perks ranging from $5 to $250. All of the perks are items I either designed, illustrated, hand-printed and/or sewed with love.

If I meet my goal before the campaign is over, keep the donations coming! Any funds I raise above my targeted goal will go to production costs for “Photobooth, A Biography.” The more money I raise, the faster the book will come out. If I do not meet my campaign goal, everyone who’s donated will still receive their perks.

In the last decade, I’ve invested countless hours to my passion for photobooths. Now I would love to merge that experience with my lifelong passions for drawing and storytelling. I believe I can create something quite original and I’d be so pleased to have your support. Thank you kindly!

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