My thesis!!! SVA 2009

This is the story... about a girl who visiting the jungle experiences Yagé. Yage is a natural drink that the natives prepare for spiritual experiences. Drinking it is supposed to make us feel part of nature again, which in the world that we live in today seems to be forgotten.

I shot all my characters in greenscreen with a hvx-200. Each element of the background was cut out and put together as a matte painting to create a magical jungle in which my character becomes part of nature, literally, turning in to a tree!

It was a lot of work, for each scene was created from scratch with the pictures of different nature elements. Every different camera position was a new scenery to create....But finally here it is!

I used photoshop to cut out the images, Illustrator to create some of the elements she sees during her trip, and some of the trees in the background. Nuke, to key out some of the more difficult shots, rotoscoped some others in Motor, and finally, put everything together in After Effects using 3d space and lights to bring everything togheter.

Edited in finalcut and color corrected in Apple Color.

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