A development from a personal to a collective perspective -

"The current level of evolution cannot answer some of today's questions and a new intelligence is needed. To manifest this, becoming a 'new We' includes becoming a new 'I' in order to create this new community. This includes the movement of every individual from talking 'about' life to talking 'from' life - truly embodying the next level of development"
(Thomas Hübl)

Evoluz is a project by Anders Wasserfall and Coss & Stiggsen, a visual Collage by Pauline Doutreluingne (Mindpirates) & Stiggsen with additional material by Pieter-Jan de Pue & Shuji Terayama

A movement. A contemporary appeal.
A declaration of love. An experiment. A new genesis.
A major shift.
A necessary re-programming of discomfort. An abandonment of legacy.
An invitation to self.
An ode to life.
From Ego to self.
To Light.

Light is Evoluzion from the Inside. Already there, always here, when elsewhere humans raise a voice. Bodily resonance is the first among all rhythmic duties.
As a collective movement through a shared acoustic space that is dissolving inside out. We listen beyond millenia, we vibrate the world as it is.
We are nobody, we harken back to the universal ear, humming and drumming in everyone's heart. Ablaze with rays. Our mode of hearing is shifting to ends, spoiling us pointlessly, with an abundance of light.

coss & stiggsen`s version of anders wasserfall`s evoluz

for haseland records ( HAL 08 )

12" release spring 2012


booking :

love & thanks to mindpirate pauline & pieter-jan de pue & shuji terayama

also to anders wasserfall & mentallabor & o`tark & dunia & the hasis

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