Documentation of the Decalled Upon intermedia performance
Part of Decalcomania, The Exchange Gallery, Penzance, Cornwall, United Kingdom

There is a point when a conversation takes on a path and direction of it’s own. When there is a sense that it is a separate entity from its human origins, and those sharing in it have the sense of being guided rather then being the ones in control. The same thing can happen with an art project.
This project interprets with various artistic disciplines and media the struggles and adaptations when communication breaks down...whether through language barrier, or through network devices such as chat. How do we work to express and be understood when we have different language and cultural do we work to express and be understood when the symbols of written language are out only information, and non-verbal cues such as expression and gesture are taken away.

Design, Video and Concept: Maile Colbert
Decalcomania Curators: Maria Christoforidou and Laura Smith
Task Based Movement Research and Composition: Ruth Pethybridge and Maile Colbert
Sound Design and Composition: Simon Whetham and Maile Colbert

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