Kort Duce is the proprietor of Cockeyed Art, an enterprise born of circumstance and a very well-timed epiphany. Here's how he describes it:

"In 2004 while on a photo shoot on Grand Cayman, my wife and I watched in fascination as chickens roamed freely around houses, roads and fields of the brightly colored tropic island. We purchased a brilliantly colored chicken carved from Jamaican cedar. It still reminds us of that shoot."

You can find the full colorful array of Kort's work at his website, cockeyedart.com. For a more personal impression, mark your calendar for April 19, when Cockeyed Art heads to The Art Museum of Eastern Idaho as a centerpiece in the upcoming exhibition, "Collective Whimsy."

EX1r was out on rental, so we shot this on a Canon 5D Mark II Moire Monster, alway wide open to minimize aliasing nightmares. Lens: 35mm 1.4L. Recorded audio externally, of course, with a handy-dandy consumer grade field recorder with its noisy pre-amps, tethered to a Countryman EMW lav. Added light via a single Lowell Pro Light w/ shoot-thru umbrella.

Shooting this piece reminded me why I like the shallow DOF of the 5D, and also why shallow DOF is the only redeeming value of DSLRs for video work, especially compared to the new breed of big-chip camcorders.

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