” We are living in a difficult period where time is worth more and more because we have less and less of it.
In my opinion, long durational performance has the power to create mental and physical transformation for the performer as well as for the viewer. For this reason, I would like to give the public the possibility to experience and to reflect upon emptiness, time, space, luminosity and void. I have created an installation of objects for human and spirit use that the public can interact with in three basic positions: standing, sitting, and lying down.
In doing so, the public becomes part of the work. The viewer will function as a mirror to the public participating in the installation. During this experience, I hope that the observer and the observed will connected with themselves and with the present – the elusive moment of the here and now ”
Marina Abramovic Performed in Milan at PAC
curated by Eugenio Viola, Diego Sileo
filmed and directed by Pietro Menditto pietromenditto.tumblr.com/
best experienced with headphones

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