A Comic Documentary Film

Nominated to 2012 Goya Awards - Best Documentary Film

Spain, 2011
Production companies: La Claqueta, Pizzel 3D, Irusoin
Director: Manuel H. Martín
Producer: Olmo Figueredo González-Quevedo
Screenplay: Jorge Laplace
Executive Producers: Miguel A. Reina, Enrique F. Guzmán, Marta Jiménez, Fernando Larrondo
Line Producers: José Carmona, Ángel Serrano, Sara Gómez
Animation Director: Juanma Suárez
Cinematography: Dani Mauri
Editing: Carlos Herrera
Music: Pablo Cervantes

With the collaboration of Juan Diego and Ana Fernández

With the participation of: Canal +, Canal Sur Televisión, ETB, Canal 9
With the support of: Media, ICAA, Andalusian Government

This is the story of the so-called "moles", people who must sacrifice a whole life to escape of the repression the end of the Spanish Civil War.

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