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My video is now entered into Kayak Session's Best Short Film of The Year Award 2012
30% of the vote is determined by view count

Go here and press play: vimeo.com/39756812

Even if you've watched this video before, go and press play on that video to help me stand a chance of winning - thank you!

Unique and spectacular don't come close to describing the quality of whitewater on offer in Chile. The mountains and rivers can leave you truly breathless - in more ways than one.

Principle Cinematography:
Nigel Markey & Sam Makman

George Milheim, Joe Thurgate, Karen Menzel, Lee Royle, Nigel Markey, Rob Moffatt, Sam Makman, Stéphane Coutu, Nick Murphy, Anne Hübner, James Mclaughlin, Theresa Westhaver, Robert Guerin, Michael Motz, Daniel Riedmüller, Paul Meylahn

Additional Video:
George Milheim, Karen Menzel, Lee Royle, Rob Moffatt, Stéphane Coutu, James Mclaughlin, Theresa Westhaver

Trancura, Maichín, Nevado, Panqui, Puesco, Cautin, Claro, Nueble, Laja, Queco, Curringhue, Palguin, Manso, Michimahuida, Futaleufu, Fuy, Petrohue, Llancahue

Special thanks to Ben May of kayakchile.net - Ben runs the Palguin boater-cross every year and he is the go to source for all things Chile. He put us up when we were short of accomodation, taught us how to asado (grill) and is an all round good guy. Cheers Ben!

Canon 550D & GoPro HD.

Photos here:

Blog of the trip:

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