No birds were harmed in the making of this film ;¬)

An international YouTuber collaboration

Cover of the Beatles song 'Blackbird' (McCartney 1968)

Performed by 'Exempt from Gravity' (guitar) and Anja Mark Jensen (vocals)

Videography and field recording of blackbird evensong by WorkAreaBar

Exempt from Gravity and Anja Mark Jensen info:

Exempt from Gravity AKA Claus contacted me through my YouTube channel


asking me if I would let him use my film 'Blackbird Singing in the Dead of Evening'.


To back a project he was working on with vocalist Anja Mark Jensen, a cover of the Beatles number Blackbird from the double LP The White Album.

The original song is mixed with field recordings of a blackbird singing. For the cover version Claus wanted to use the soundtrack of my evensong video.

This has always been a favourite song of mine from a very special album that is still in the top ten best selling albums of all-time, I was only too happy to oblige.

I am very happy with the result now that I managed to remove all of the camera shake that was present in the original and make it get darker as it goes on instead of getting lighter.

The steep learning curve that was 'motion tracking' in Adobe After Effects was all worth it if I was to try to do justice to the virtuosity of Claus' guitar work coupled with the excitingly husky yet sweet vocals of fellow Dane Anja Mark Jensen.

In a pretty faithful to the original cover except for the omission of the prominent click track in the Beatles version, put down either to the sound of a metronome or as is claimed in various places on the web, Paul McCartney tapping Linda McCartney's dad for a fiver over and over and over again, personally I don't miss it, and always found it a bit tedious.

They manage to inject a level of soulfulness and a sense of abandon that together nonetheless act as counterpoints to McCartney's almost pious lyrical style and producer George Martin's tempo fascism of the original track.

Blackbirds don't need no metronome!

The revolution won't be accompanied by a click track!

Drop out!

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