Encuentro de Performace Art Cuerpo Identidad:: Categoría videoperformance, . Factoria Cultural - Ayuntamiento de Avilés. España. kaosart.org/cuerpo_identidad/cuerpo_identidad-videoPerformance.htm

ACTIVA'2013 International Sound-Videoart Festival . Videoperformance category.
Asturias, Spain. galeriatexu.com/ACTIVA/2013/ACTIVA-2013.htm

XIII Festival de Cine de Santa Fe de Antioquia, experimental category, Caja de Pandora 2012, Santa Fe de Antioquia, Colombia. festicineantioquia,com

5º Cinetoro Film Festival, Panorama selection, Casa dela Cultura, Toro Valle, Colombia.

8º ASIM'TRIA Festival, Official Selection, Arequipa and Trujillo Perú.

El Sol a Nuestras Espaldas, Celebración Día Mundial del Videoarte. Espacio Joven Valladolid, España. issuu.com/and-noise/docs/el_sol_a_nuestras_espaldas?mode=window&backgroundColor=%23222222

NIO, International Videoart Exhibition, Pereira Colombia

IV INTRAVENOSA Film Festival. Official Selection, experimental category. Cali Colombia.
single channel video, Color-b/w, loop
Director: Andres Cuartas
Producers & Performers: Valentina Trujillo and Andres Cuartas.

Black and white action captured on video that shows the artist and his partnerinflating a balloon in color with the word YOU, until they burst.

The action makes a metaphorical allusion to the destruction of the other (partner -viewer) represented by a reaction (explosion) leading to the destruction of theobject itself, as a form of recognition and negation of the other simultaneously.

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