oh my oh my oh my OH MY!!! Our featured short film for our 15th nudiezine that is NOW AVAILABLE @ etsy.me/nudiezine15 as tsurufoto presents...

The Year Of The Bush starring Cam Damage!!!

That's right! We got Cam Damage and her amazing bushy hirsute awesomeness at a local Motel 6 for nudiezine issue #15 and for this super sexy ass short film! Really, how lucky can a zine get?

#yotb forever! - tsurufoto.com/tagged/yotb

Starring Cam Damage - camdamage.tumblr.com/
Music - "I Walked" by Sufjan Stevens
Film by me

Things get a little hairy for our nudiezine this issue when we get Vladi, Ruby Slipper, Natali, Sheila, Ang, Tyler, and even a reincarnate of Frida Kahlo! Not too mention a thicket maze challenge, an interview with Nichola from knickerocker undies, and oh so so much more! 32 pages, black & white photocopied, and still only $4

Get your copy at ---> etsy.me/nudiezine15


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