Mögel och träd.

a study in circles..
(a test.. well, a second test.)

playing flute and imitating DMT visuals. 3/4. djurapipa. branches and trees, and the mildew is scanned from an old 9x12 bellows camera. oh, I love it, but at the same time it freaks me out. deep in the paranoia my whole body is covered in mildew. and the smell is really repugnant. but, it has the most amazing patterns, and it's alive. organic art.

I'm definitely going to explore the technique more, it feels good, but this was too static and choppy. and the song was made in a hurry as well. just a loop.

( I think, in all this craze about aspects ratios and wide screen and anamorphic, the circle should be explored. would be interesting to see an acting movie, played out in a circle. or would it be too awkward and distracting? oh, we should make a manifesto! the film must be screened in a circle, and the storyline should be cyclical. there has to be trees involved, and the moon and the sun should be used as guidance.)

anyway, here is the first test - youtu.be/JTvKSgB1318
just to document the journey..

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