NYLON agency was created on the premise that marketing has started to go in reverse. You can no longer start with the :30 second spot, you need to start with the product. When you can't change the product you need to create content to engage and interact with consumers. Then you worry about point of sale and all the way up to the :30 second TVC.

We started this philosophy with our MILK - Marketing is Like Kissing method in 2004 when we started to see a change in marketing. We used this method with brand managers at the time that were willing to take a risk. It resulted in 2 of the most successful campaigns in the history of those brands, growing more than 30% in market share. We then used the same method in Southern Europe prior to anyone and it resulted in over a 100% growth in market share in less than 9 months.

Recently AlexBogusky, Former head creative of what WAS the most awarded agency in the world said "A couple of years ago I started to notice that the rules of business started changing, almost in reverse." He has since left to create a social product development company.

Now even Coca-Cola has come out with this video also stating that they are going to go in reverse. A move from creative centric to content centric. I am sure they are not publishing this because it is any longer a secret technique, but I wonder why more brands have not moved to this method.

Recent polls show that 88% of US brands spend 25% of their budget on content. That investment is low, as you can see by this video, also many of them are producing static content, not dynamic or interactive.

Europe has been slow to move in this direction even when P&G reports 4x more effective campaigns (Forrester Report - beinggirl.com) with interactive community content. So, we are looking for brand managers that are ready to see marketing from a different perspective, that know and feel that there is a better way.

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