Warning: Video contains graphic images that may be disturbing to some viewers, Viewer Discretion is advised.
-First Jury Prize at Machinima Expo 2012
This film is an investigation into the transformations that human relationships face when interacting in Virtual Worlds.
Love and sexuality are on an important factor in any human relationships. However, what is new in Virtual Worlds is the ability to exercise those relationships without any real risk, external censure or imposition from an internal "super-ego".

By means of my films and Second Life, I try to imagine how consciousness and the psyche of Man will evolve as a result of these new technologies.

To make this machinima, I was inspired by John Suler's book "Psychology of Cybersepace"

I wish to thank all the avatars appearing in this film. My sincere apologies to any avatar who appears but whom I have not credited. Please do not hesitate to identify yourself and I'll add your name below.

Thank you.

Attention ce film contient certaines images sexuelles qui pourraient choquer des spectateurs, merci d'en tenir compte.
Ce film est une interrogation sur la transformation des rapports humains face a l'intrusion des mondes virtuels.
Amour et sexualité en sont bien sur une donnée importante, surtout lorsque cela peut s'exercer, ce qui est totalement nouveau, sans véritables risques ni censures.
A travers mes films machinimas et "SecondLife" j'essaye d'imaginer comment vont évoluer conscience et psyché de l'homme confrontés aux nouvelles technologies.
Pour faire ce machinima,je me suis inspiré du livre de John Suler "Psychologie of Cybersepace "

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