Music By :
Director / Compositor : Lee Daley :
Starring : Tamara Beckford
Producer: Dina Daley
Lighting / Dolly / Jib - Steven Archer and Kirk Miller-Lewis
Filmed at :

Late last year I was commissioned by to create two short promos for some upcoming tracks . Various then sent me a rough edit of the track 'Moving On' to get some feedback, the song instantly made an impact with me so much so I took an afternoon off and created an animatic. Every thing else fell in to place fairly quickly after showing the animatic and one or two emails were exchanged.

The turn around for the video was very short due to the release date but I knew having a solid animated storyboard would make things run a lot smoother. The only thing missing was a few more pairs of hands, a green screen cove and some one to play the woman, friends and family saved the day there (thanks guys!)

I had to do a few quick tests on pulling keys from canon DSLR footage, knowing it is 4:2:0 and compressed to hell I was surprised with the results (using Magic Lantern Firmware for it's high bit rate options) The shoot took a little over 3 hours.

I initially wanted to create the video in Nuke but soon banished that idea due to all the time saving scripts and tools I have in After Effects, the piece clocks in at around 37 hours of after effects work (thank God for multi machine rendering)
5 hours on the storyboard timing and concept. 2 hours collecting assets.

Canon T2i and T3i
Tokina 11-16mm
Dslr Devices portable crane
Small HD DP4
Velbon PH-368 Fluid Head on top of the crane
501 fluid head for the base of the crane
3x 800 watt Soft box's
Home made green screen tracking markers
Magic Lantern Firmware
and other bits and bobs

Enjoy and thanks for watching

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