WARNING: For Mature audiences only
An observation, with many thoughts to ponder.

Blue Skies Bring Tears

From the album MACHINA/The Machinesa of God
Go out and buy it!

Gus Van Sant

This is a video mix/observation
This is a very thought provoking film
And a film that dares to go into a subject
That always gets ignored and overlooked


Elephant is a 2003 drama film edited, written, and directed by Gus Van Sant. It takes place in the fictional Watt High School, in the suburbs of Portland, Oregon, and chronicles the events surrounding a school shooting, based in part on the 1999 Columbine High School massacre. The film begins a short time before the shooting occurs, following the lives of several characters both in and out of school, who are unaware of what is about to unfold. The film stars mostly new or non-professional actors, including John Robinson, Alex Frost, and Eric Deulen.

This is the second film in Gus Van Sant's "Death Trilogy". The first is Gerry, and the third is Last Days; all three are based on actual events.

The film was generally acclaimed by critics and received the Palme d'Or at the 2003 Cannes Film Festival.[1] As the first high-profile movie to depict a high school shooting since Columbine, the film was controversial for its subject matter and possible influence on teenage copy-cats.



unleash the armageddon
so all the children go to heaven
i sit by quiet still
with their pictures on my eyes
you'll draw the guns you're given
write down the words as written
and never disturb the presense
of resurrection crutch

and it's about time
it's about drawing near
blue skies bring tears

descend the darkened stairways
make hate with plastic playmates
and fire out remaining traces
of your self esteem
mainline the deepest secrets
lick clean the dirty fingers
i am a stranger to you
as you are to yourself

and it's about time
it's about fear
blue skies bring tears
don't you want me (don't want you)
as i awake the city sight
we'll watch the seasons die

take me inside your body
cover me with your soul
to the darkest recess
is where i wish to go
you are the sweetest flower
that i have ever devoured
i ask for nothing given
for nothing in return
blue skies bring tears

-Smashing Pumpkins-


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