On 22 December 2011, the work Ruis (Interference) opened in the Keizer Karel Gallery, under the A9 viaduct in Amstelveen. This consists of a total of 12 light panels (‘MUPIs’) on two sides of the tunnel, on which the interference can be seen. Images form in this ‘interference’, as the interference is involved in playing a game with itself (the game of life), in which pixels disappear (are 'eaten') and then come back to life (are ‘reborn’). The pictures that are formed are well-known, iconic images from the history of art. The project will be in place until summer 2012.

190x 135 x 15 cm
Plexiglass, plastic, 2,034 white LEDs, 12 microprocessors
With thanks to JCDecaux

Giny Vos

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