Well here it is! This is the brand new music video I have been working on with Colette Falla & Johan Carlsson, for Colette's new single 'Underwater', and it’s also the first music video I’ve ever made!

What’s interesting about this particular commission is that I completed the filming for this project entirely using just DSLR cameras in the HD-video mode. This allowed me a great deal of flexibility and versatility in what we could achieve in a short space of time with minimal fuss and allowed me to concentrate on the creative side rather that get wrapped up in too much tekkie stuff.

Colette and I both grew up in the same place and as good friends have worked with each other many times before (last year we collaborated on "No Regrets" which you can find out more about here karltaylormovie.com/ you can also see some of the behind the scenes stuff form the music video in an earlier post on this blog here takeabetterphoto.com/music-video/underwater-music-video/.

Anyway to give you some more photography info, the video for Colette's fantastic new single was filmed using a Canon 5dmk2 and a Canon 7D and just a few lenses. In fact I think if I recall correctly I used a 24mm, an 85mm, a 50mm and a 70-200mm lens for the entire project. For the underwater sequences I used an Ikelite housing which was kindly lent to me and for the dolly shots a simple manual slider track created the right look. I used Adobe Premiere Pro for the editing and I spent a lot of time in editing putting the final piece together to give it the feeling and style that I had visualised before filming. As is always the case this was very much a team effort with my colleagues assisting with logistics and helping out during filming.

What I love about the final result is not only the great track and music from Colette but also the professional feel and edit we achieved for the video by not focusing too much on kit but focusing more on good light and ideas for creative concept. As with all good photography that ethos has driven a better result than top end kit combined with minimal creativity.

For those of you who would like to see how this music video was made we will soon be releasing a FREE behind the scenes video on how we did it with all the details of the techniques and how we went about it.... so stay tuned to this blog for that!

I hope you enjoy the finished music video, if you like it please feel free to share the link as we’d love to help Colette get a lot of exposure through it’s release ……..

Many thanks
Karl Taylor

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