Created by Marc AMYOT
Directed by BARZOÏ (Jessy DESHAIS & Daniel ABLIN)
Presentation of Barzoi and "EVEN DEAD" here : vimeo.com/35835489

This is the second episode of the adventure of "EVEN DEAD". You can discover the first one here : vimeo.com/9371200

Dedicated to our friend Claire. Rip.

Thanks to the patronage of Thierry GODARD, the film has been realized.

Actors :
Bertrand MORICET : the tram driver
Bertrand CRIMET : a magician
Carmelo CACCIATO : a magician
Cedric YOGRID : a magician
Claire GERARD HIRNE : the lady
Marc AMYOT : the mechanic
Thierry GODARD : the lawn mower man
Bertrand MANUEL : the angel
Camille BEHR : the angel
Roméo TESTA : the boy
Zazie AMYOT : the girl

All vehicules created by Greg CHOMBARD and Marc AMYOT

Production company : LES FILMS DE L’AVALEE
Producer : Simon GILLET
Line producer : Hervé LIEVAUX
Camera assistant : Brendan SPINEC
Chief electrician : François LANGUILLE
Light assistant : Julien HOGERT
Light assistant : Alexis BESANÇON
Trainee : Aristide TERRIER

Editing : Thomas ROUARD & BARZOÏ
Special effects : Morgan LE PIVERT on After Effect (morganlepivert.fr/)
and Olivier Aufauvre

Music and sound design by Emmanuel JOUBERT (joubert-scope.org/)

2 days of shooting in studio "JOURS TRANQUILLES" in Clichy (thanks to Emile and Inès)

Grips furniture by CININTER

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