Private View Thursday 5th of April, 6 - 9 pm

Refreshments by Desperados


5th April 2012 - 30th April 2012

Alisa Gallery & Marguerite Agence are proud to present : Romain Froquet, first exhibition in the UK.

The “Empreinte” exhibition is a series of drawings recently realised by Romain Froquet. After generating prints of his drawings in various formats he decides to re-edit them. That reproduction system offers a different interpretation and a certain uniqueness for each of his drawing. The declination that he makes often appears under positive/negative signs.

“Empreinte”, this is the name he chose for his exhibition. He aims to reflect through his drawings the projection of his inner self in constant evolution. It makes us feel a strong nostalgia from childhood expressed by the use of different mediums such as chalk, pastels or colored pencils. The presence of figurative elements are of the order of the naive and primitive, with a handprint or a drawing of a heart. Those simple and universal symbols illustrate vitality. Also appaering in his work are some typographic elements sometimes ligible: representing his own language and allowing him to communicate with his own univers. Those elements are in contrast with clean lines and a structured background. In other words, it is the representation of the adult and the child both cohabiting, allowing the artist a pure expression.

This univers, touched by Romain Froquet represents an emancipation in his artistic work, that he often used for the benefit of advertising and communication.

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Camera : Jules Hidrot & Raphaël Hidrot
Editing : Jules Hidrot
Music : Freddy Jay "The house is warm"

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