This video is part six of seven in the "How to Design a Logo" logo tutorial series. Each video shows you how to design a logo by briefly covering the seven chapters of my book "How to Design a Logo - 7 Step Process". For a more complete and detailed process you can purchase the book for $1.99 from the link at the top of this description.

How to make a Logo
How to create a logo? There are many approaches to designing logos, the process that I put forward has been ten years in the making of constant refining in my own design studio. It is a system that speeds up the logo design process and allows you to design a logo from an educated point of view, rather than something that just looks nice.

Many people over the years have asked me how to make logos, which is why I decided to share this information in an ebook at a low accessible price that everyone can afford. The way I design logos may not be for everyone, but I can guarantee that there will be something in the book that everyone can use. By using this system I have created, you can create as many free logos as you like, including 2d or 3d logo designs for print or for web - time and time again.

Whether you need to create a business card, rethink your branding or start from scratch with your logo design, this book is for you.

Future Videos
Stay tuned for all seven videos in this series as well as future upcoming videos showcasing design tutorials such as:

• What is a vector logo and how do I create one?
• How to Adobe Illustrator tutorials
• Graphic designers and the role they play
• In Design - logo elements and setting up a business card
• How to Illustrator: Creating gradients
• What is a logo? A logos history
• Illustrator Tutorial: How to create logo elements
• Adobe Illustrator How to create outlines ready for print
• Create a Logo Illustrator versus Photoshop
• Logo Illustrator do’s and don’ts

Have fun designing!
Nathan Devine

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