There's been talk recently that white balance settings can affect noise and FPN. Just a quick test to see if some K values had less noise and FPN than others. Tested 2500K to 10000K.

All ISO 1600 GH17 LPowell Max Latitude patch. 14-42mm kit lens. Set at 14mm f3.5.

Rendered out to XDCAM 1080p 24fps 35m vbr. Stock Sony Vegas Studio preset.

ISO 2500 looks worst, but if you CC it eliminates almost all the FPN. Add some noise reduction and it looks almost the best. ISO's from 2500K to 5000K responded decently to CC and noise reduction.

Vimeo compression makes the ranges above 5000k look cleaner, but that high a WB makes it harder to grade and the De-Noising doesn't look as clean.

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