I'll be doing a video series simply called "Interesting People". I'll be shooting and editing short films of interesting people that I meet, who I think are up-and-coming. Each short film will focus on showcasing that person's work, what makes them tick and how they stay inspired.

Check out my rockstar photographer friend CJ Isaac. She's extremely talented and has built a great name for herself. Ad industry folks, take notice as she's getting into more and more commercial work! She has a few exciting projects that recently locked into place, so when they publicly launch I'll make sure to post an update.

You can check out CJ's work at cjisaac.com or at mossandisaac.com. She's always open to meeting new people, so link up with her on Facebook at facebook.com/cjisaacphotography.

About my short film: I'm currently obsessed with learning everything about filmmaking, so I've taken it up as a hobby. I shot this film on my Canon 5D Mark ii with a 50mm lens, edited in Final Cut Pro X. Subway tunnel and pan of the NYC skyline intro footage was shot on the iPhone 4S. This was my first time shooting on my Canon 5D Mark ii, so apologies for the sound quality. I now have an external mic that will be used going forward for better sound. A special thanks to Dharmendra Chakrasali out of Bangalore, India for his great work on the audio post production and mastering, using the audio that was available.

The instrumentals I used in the film are from my good friend Max Lugavere (maxlugavere.com). An awesome up-and-coming musician. He's a modern day Renaissance man as well. He was a founding co-host, writer and producer on Al Gore's Current TV for 5 years and is now (among many things) a journalist for Psychology Today + Huffington Post, co-founder of a not-for-profit concert series called Rockdrive (rockdrive.org) and always has his hands in interesting/innovative projects. His album is great, check it out on iTunes (it's sensitive-acoustic, great original song writing): itunes.apple.com/us/album/one-year-later/id369426094.



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