Heavily inspired by the Stockholm Lounchbeat Movement - lunchbeat.org/ - we decided to take on the challenge to arrange a dancing dinner for the students at our 1-year independent boarding school for upper secondary students, Musikefterskolen i Humble. As a school focusing mainly on music, the discovery of the Lunchbeat concept was nearly to good to be true - so a month after the discovery we decided to try it out for the first time.

Thank you so much to the Lunchbeat community for the inspiration, for the teachers/kitchen to take on the challenge and not least the students for such an engaging participation.

If you wan't to know more about Lunchbeat please take a look at lunchbeat.org/

We do not own any rights to the music, but are happy to tell you that it is the awesome I:Cube tune Disco Cubizm in the Daft Punk remix, which was the opening tune for our event.

Buy and listen here discogs.com/ICube-Disco-Cubizm/release/4397

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