Edited I did. Word order I did change.

To address the top comments on other sites about this video:

"Leave Yoda alone"
If George can mess with perfection, so can I. At least mine is done in parody ;)

"The audio sucks"
Yup, sure does, lots of pops and drops. Time is precious in life, did not want to waste time being picky.

"Vimeo sucks"
YouTube content ID can as well. Clearly not making money off this, was done for fun. So if YouTube/FOX want to block upload, Vimeo is pretty cool for letting this parody see the light of day.

"Fun that was"
Yeah, that's what things should be. No point in being dull. Try something different for a change - or see how your idea will work out if you get one.Just give things a shot. I thought of this and did it. And end result made me giggle. And that's cool.

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