A video reel featuring our Spring collection of GoPro footage.
All footage shot with GoPro Hero2s inside Backscatter Custom GoPro Housings

Underwater Focus Correction:
Stock GoPro housings are blurry underwater. The flat glass lens on the Backscatter housing is razor sharp underwater and does not vignette (dark corners) when used on land.

Filter Use on Housing:
Underwater color was greatly enhanced with use of Magic Filters. Split neutral density and polarizer filters enhanced land footage.

For more information about the Backscatter Custom GoPro Housing visit: backscatter.com/go/?gopro

Alex Mustard
Sterling Zumbrunn
Jim Decker
Joel Penner
Jennifer Penner
Erin Quigley
Jeff Honda
Sean Boone
Scott Jones

Joel Penner, Newmediasoup, LLC

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