A parody inspired by real history. In real life Rommel's heart attack was caused by cyanide and his body was buried with all military honours. The world found out the truth during the Nuremberg Trial when Keitel confessed it.
But some things in my parody are true: Burgdorf was there and they drove away in his Opel.
I find Rommel an interesting character. His lack of antisemitism was very admirable (considering he lived in a society where antisemitism was like religion) and he didn't use slave labour (again in a country that operated like an industrial version of a cotton plantation in the American South before the Civil War). He is usually called the Desert Fox. I like to call him the Saladdin of WW2. He was an enemy of the Allies but because of his ethics (so different from the 3rd Reich) he was respected and admired.
I once discussed WW2 with a Jewish friend of mine and he said the following words: "Rommel was cool."

Notes to be read AFTER watching the video:
The journalist is not surprised when Burgdorf introduces himself. I think that would be an accurate reaction of a contemporary German. Most of them wouldn't know who Wilhelm Burgdorf was.
The two gunshots are the soundtrack of Burgdorf/Krebs suicide.

p.s. I own nothing. My actions are 'fair use'.

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