I had just got my hands on a 28mm Nikon E-series lens and it was a sunny day. What better time to do some random filming.

Not the healthiest dinner, but it tasted so good!

The lens worked like a charm! But I had some issues with FCP in the edit.
Initially, I had some cross dissolves amongst the shots of my rabbit, Arthur, which I thought worked nicely. But upon exporting, the dissolves would either result in the shots of Arthur turning completely grey but still with an outline of my rabbit so you could see his movement. It looked a bit like an embossed effect. Or a frame from the previous shot would be held for the duration that the cross dissolve was meant to take place. As a result, I took these cross dissolves out so it just cuts from one shot to another - not too bad but I preferred the dissolves.

This also happened to another shot later on with the buildings, in which I initially had a shot of me pulling focus. When I shot this, I'd done it in reverse so it was in focus then blurred. I reversed this in FCP but again, when exporting it turned completely grey.

I'm not sure why this happened, and with only these shots. There is another cross dissolve in this video nearer the start and that seems to work fine.

Could be due to my hard drive crashing at one point whilst editing, but if anyone has experienced similar things and know a fix, I'd be open to all suggestions. - UPDATE: I think I've resolved this issue now so hopefully it won't happen again in the future.

Thanks for your time and for watching.

Music: Triumph by Young Astronaut.

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