Kellie left school at 14 with no qualifications. She spent her teens being a mum to two small boys before deciding at 21 to go back to education – so her boys didn’t see her “just sitting around feeling sorry for herself”.
It was her first experience in a biology lab that lit her passion for science. For Kellie, studying biology just made everything fall into place. With the support of her partner and a desire to be seen to be a hard worker by her boys and not rely on benefits she has juggled her family and home with studying. Kellie did AS levels but when the college didn’t offer the second year of A level was forced to look at alternative options. She completed the Extended Science course at Plymouth University, a Foundation Year, which filled her skills gaps and enabled her to start on a degree programme at Plymouth.
Kellie now has a degree in biological sciences and is part way through her PGCE. She is driven to help others in similar situations and aims to teach at the college and enable others to see that just because they didn’t make it first time round in education that you don’t have to be written off and “consigned to the rubbish heap like I was”. Longer term Kellie thinks she might think about getting into research.

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