Hawaiian music has a long tradition of medleys, mine is a bit more obvious than most, but I couldn't resist the opportunity to combine two distinctive melodies that refer to the same city in Hawai`i.

The first song is "He Aloha No `O Honolulu" written by Lot Kauwe. This song is a farewell to Honolulu and a tour of the winds and rains encountered on a journey that eventually ends in Kona.

The second tune is an old one called "Honolulu, I'm Coming Back Again." I understand that it was commissioned by the Hawaiian tourism board of 1922. This song has English lyrics telling of the cherished features of Honolulu.

This video was recorded at the first Wingert House concert, held on March 28, 2009. Noted southern California luthier Kathy Wingert has begun a house concert series and invited me to be her first performer.

I captured this video on my Flip Mino HD using camera sound. I edited the result in Avidemux and adjusted the audio in Adobe Audition.

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