Why You are Entitled to Remedy Using a Fee Schedule

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You are the next Sarah Conner:

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Obama Declares Peacetime Martial Law:

Law applies to real people; Legal applies to corporations, persons, residents, etc. Learn more about how you can fight back:

"This two part treatise by Barbara Aho offers a well referenced and damming indictment of the players on the American side of the one world government scheme (especially the role played by the pseudo Christian religious right) and the British oligarch elites who are the ultimate string pullers, planners, and architects behind the destruction of the United States and the entire globalist, genocidal agenda.

"It's always difficult to properly explain the destructive, one world government plan to new readers because the conspiracy is so huge and involves so many players and organizations that one can quickly become overwhelmed with names and acronyms. You might have to read through this treatise a couple of times to fully absorb the amazing information revealed, but it's well worth your effort as Barbara Aho has done an exemplary job of laying bare the bones of the new world order monster."

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