Album: A Posteriori (2006) - Country: Germany
Composed, produced and performed by Michael Cretu

Michael Cretu has dedicated " A Posteriori" to 'all visionaries of human race. Many of them paid with their life, some of them had the chance to survive'... This is to all the ones who dare to look beyond and act upon things to make the big changes in the world.

The album, like previous Enigma albums, is beautiful in its sonics, textures, and grooves. Once more, the songs of Enlightenment composers are sampled in the tranced-out mix. His sounds as it is in Invisible Love, are hypnotic, Crétu has always been able to weave together the spiritual and the carnal, and it's the key of his magic , it is his trademark.


Rescue me, rescue me, my love. Rescue me, rescue me my invisible love.
I'll follow you. Rescue me, my love...

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