Today, we take direct action against the NYPD. They have spied on us, they have assaulted us, they have kidnapped us from the streets without cause or charge. We, the 99% of people who will no longer be silent have chosen to make our voices heard. Former commissioner Raymond Kelly, we, the people have decided you no longer have a job. Any acts of brutality you order today will only serve as further evidence of your misconduct.

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3/24 Live Updates

12:27 AM: Bloomberg's private army (formerly known as the NYPD) is now using barricades as weapons against unarmed people.

12:22 AM: People's victory march has begun, leaving Union Square.

12:19 AM: Former officers of the NYPD, feel famous now. You have just brought about New York's Tahrir Square moment. By directly assaulting the people, you have surrendered your legitimacy. Occupiers, celebrate. We've won.

12:14 AM: The NYPD has begun rioting in the area surrounding Union square, leaving people feeling unsafe in their persons and possessions.

12:12 AM: An armed gang is currently kidnapping people from the street in Union Square.

12:08 AM: Definition of terrorism: The illegal use of force to achieve political goals. NYPD, you have crossed the line from law enforcement organization to becoming a terrorist faction.

12:05 AM: Barricades have been illegally erected in our park. They're in the way of public use of the public's park. They'd look a lot better on their sides.

12:03 AM: Occupiers asking who they are protecting. Bloomberg's private army refuses to answer Withdraw. Now.

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