Blow up / inflatable SUP by RRD

The RRD inflatable SUP is a perfect choice if you are short on space, and / or don't have a roof rack or want to put it in your boat or just want a lightweight Allround Sup.
The board comes in at 180 Ltrs is 10.ft 2 by 32 inches wide (310 x 81cms) - it has the volume of most 11ft epoxy boards andthe extra lightness of the 10'2 makes it feel very floaty.

We tested the RRD at West withering. On the water it feels quick as the bigger centre fin gives you really good traction (lots of other inflatable sups have three small fins which makes the board change direction after every paddle stroke). The Rrd also feels rigid under your feet, ensure you pump it up so that it feels rock hard. It is quick to turn, very stable and paddles and accelerates with ease.

Have to say until I tried the Rrd airsup I wasn't particularly convinced with inflatable sups, however this board has changed my mind. It's Hyperlon deck and soft rubber deck pad is very grippy, the handle is in the right place and it has a good rail protection tape. One thing to note is that you should have a leash as unlike epoxy boards these boards are lighter and will drift or could blow away from you much quicker.

The RRD inflatable SUP comes complete with bag and a pump and RRD are about to launch a 3 part alloy-paddle which will double up as both an adults and child paddle with a removable middle section - you can also buy an extra blade to convert your existing paddle into a Kayak blade thereby making this package a perfect family choice. It is also easy to carry because of it's light weight and balanced handle position.

Tested by Simon Bassett
co founder and head coach at BSUPA

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