FINALLY a new video at last!
I actually started to work on this only for two days. I had a major brain surge of ideas when listening to this song. So I just had to make a video of it.

It revolves around Simba, obviously. He used to be a king to his people, shows the beginning. And everyone enjoyed it. But, as you can see, it is shown in the past, Simba is not the king anymore. And after his rule, he has destroyed the land. So it shows, him looking at the streets he used to own and what his home looked like when his father ruled it, then what it looks like after he ruled it.

(in this film, Scar is actually Simba's younger brother. And Kovu is a loyal servant of the king)

So, now Scar has to clean everything up, now that his brother has been exiled from the throne. Simba visits the castle he used to own, but Scar clearly doesn't want him around anymore, so with a hateful glare, he sends Simba off. Away from the castle.

Then the past begins to show, of Simba's rule. He would get into unnecessary trouble, and control his people with fear. Then it shows their father deceased, officially naming Simba the king.

Then Kovu was officially named a the protector from Simba. Get it? Be my mirror my sword and shield. So they were happy, and the land was at a downfall with the economy. unable to pay for soldiers, Simba had to release Kovu from his work.

Then it showed when Simba first began to rule, it was good times thanks to his fathers reins (his father was still alive when he gave the throne to his son).

Then Scar and Simba get into a fight over the lands status, in public. So Simba's people couldn't believe that Simba has now become hungry over power.

So now it is back to current Simba, (when scar is in rule). Scar has hired assassins to kill his brother as a punishment for almost destroying their country.

And now, it is Simba's exile. He is trying to kill Scar, but his own people lunge at him to stop him. Scar gets up and leads the command to ban Simba from the land. So, Simba gets knocked off a small cliff, and runs away.
(So then skip to the last part without words)
As Simba jumps onto the edge of a cliff, he slips and is trying hard to hold on. He looks up and sees his brother looking down at him, not willing to assist him, nor harm him. Just standing their and witnessing his death.

Eventually SImba falls to his death, but as soon as he hits the ground he wakes up from a horrible nightmare. He looks around and realizes that he is, once again, all alone, and that everything was true, except for the last part.

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