This was a first attempt at a time lapse. Meant to catch the sun clearing the roof of the house, but...ooops, ran out of battery power and the camera shut down before all the shots completed. I accidentally started with a battery only about 1/4 charged. Live and Learn.

I circled an area in Yellow where a Coopers Hawk landed. Before he landed, there were no feathers on the ground. After he took off: feathers on the ground. I don't think he caught anything. But...where did the feathers come from?

Time lapse was set for auto exposure (I know, next time I'll do manual) with a frame taken every 5 seconds.

Frames dropped into a 24 fps 1080 timeline in Premiere Pro. The circled frames with the Coopers Hawk last 5 frames each, all others are one frame (1/24 s).

Camera: Panasonic GH1
Lens: Lumix 14-140 mm f4.0-5.8
Intervalometer: PXL TC-252

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