Update: 10/4/12

Found an issue. The filter was also the 'Hot Mirror' and is now more sensitive to red. Some blacks appear Purple. It's a bit like how the Sony EX1 was. EOSHD pointed this out.


If anyone with a 5Dmk3 could take some similar shots with structure filling medium frame that would be helpful and I have no assess to another body.

Advise still stands, with the hassle of removal, danger of ruining your camera and unknown side effects or indeed unknown benefits I would not jump into doing this.






Popped down to Brighton, on the UK's South coast today to shoot some footage with the 5DMK3. This camera has had one of the 2 OLPF removed.

Graded footage. The images & stills from today suffered from heat rising on the ground and gives a shimmer, this is not aliasing but does make some detail appear soft.


Shot using the Heliopan ND Vario. Causes some slight corner vignetting. I should have removed this and increased shutter really. The Vimeo download is at a much lower bitrate than the originals that looked so nice.

Need a hosting company or someone to donate some room so I can share some original native clips.

Soundtrack: Liberation Begins / A.R. Rahman

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