This is a rough draft and not a final version.
This is the first video for the testing of the Tactical Shield & Emergency Medical Evacuation Unit.
I will more than likely put some music to the finished version.
The unit is designed based on Pain Points in Combat and also based on feedback from our Swat Teams that are on our advisory board.
Pain Points:
Unit can be used to delivery ammunition to forward operating troops or tactical assignment teams.
Retrieving wounded soldiers, officers or civilians
Notice stretch unit can be assembled so the occuptant can set and possibly even fight if neccesary.
Law Enforcement:
Fatigue from carrying heavy tact shield.
retrieving civilian that may be injured.
Also in hostage negiotation may be used to retrieve "civilians" while poising no threat to hostiles.

Item mentioned in Prototype:
AR-15 forward pistol grip remote control so operator of the unit has full control.
If such operator is wounded the next officer or soldier may take the weapon mounted control.

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