Odd Future have that Marmite effect, you either love them or hate them, and either way they don't care what you think.
Regardless, we need people like this. People that push the boundaries, change the rules, and create music that makes you press rewind on your Iphone. Their latest release shows progression sonically and lyrically, yeah 'Rella' is a classic, 'Oldie' is that moment, and '50' is the festival monster, but it isn't just the music that has progressed.
Odd Future's merchandise game is immense. Most artists have a couple off T-shirts, a badly printed Hoodie if your lucky. OF's clothing range is on a different level all together, the quality is 100%, its fairly priced, and the choice is nuts; Jeans, Hoodies, Tees, socks, stickers, school folders, etc.
They've taken the concept of the pop up shop and flipped it. The Odd Future shopping experience is as valued as the live show, people queued for 3 hours at the London store, and most of the group made appearances across both days. This is how you build your fan base, grow the legacy, build your brand, and make money. Expect many artists to try and jack the formula.
The future isn't Orange or Green, it is Odd.

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